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Smaller Brush Packs

Hello everyone!

Thank you to everybody who bought/shared my most recent brush set "Textured Inkers & Scruffy Pencils", I hope you're enjoying the brushes. So far, the response has been great, however there were a few people who asked if I'd release some of the brushes in that set as individual packs, so I've done just that!

There are now individual sets for:

  • Ragged Edge Inkers
  • Halftone Grit
  • Scruffy Pencils & Scratchy Sketchers
  • Inky Bois & Friends
  • And a FREE 6 brush sampler pack, for anyone who wants to try a few brushes before buying!

Please Note that these brushes are the exact same ones included in my Textured Inkers & Scruffy Pencils Brush Set. So, if you've already purchased that set you already have all of these brushes, and will receive any updates made to any of these individual sets.

Thanks for your support! Have a great week!


New Brush Set! Textured Inkers & Scruffy Pencils!

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