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New Brush Set! Textured Inkers & Scruffy Pencils!

They're here!! Just uploaded the Textured Inkers & Scruffy Pencils Brush Set for Clip Studio Paint to my store! The first 25 people to buy them and use the discount code "first25" will get 25% off the purchase price!

This brush set includes brushes that are perfect for inking, sketching, or adding some unique textures to different areas of your work. If you've been looking for a brush set to help give your work a bit of a traditional tooth and texture, this is the set for you. Carefully crafted and tested over many hours to make sure that they look and feel just right to get you the look you want, while being fun to use.

The pack includes:

Scruffy Pencils (18 brushes)

Scratchy Sketchers (3 Brushes)

Ragged Edge Inkers (43 brushes)

Inky Bois (19 brushes)

Hair, Feathers, and Fur (14 brushes)

Wavy Hatchers (9 brushes)

Haftone Grit (29 brushes)

If you get the set, I hope you enjoy it!


Get Textured Inkers and Scruffy Pencils for Clip Studio Paint

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